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Enjoying life, Inspire the world !


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Welcome to the official website of Rich.Exclusive. Here you will find inspiration for an exclusive lifestyle!

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I want to provide you a look into the world of luxury; Exclusive places to be | Chic hotels to overnight | Fancy fashion to wear | Fabulous cars to drive | Luxury jewelry to wear | Extraordinary destinations to travel to | Inspiring ways to earn your money | Monumental Architecture to inspire | Classy music to caress your ears | Beautiful Art to add color to your life | Great Literature to grow ideas | Moving video's to enhance your day | Enjoyments of life | All to inspire !





ANNOUNCEMENT: Today I announced our wedding venue !

Posted 5/19/2017

- You can find the photo's at: 'Our Wedding !'

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Uploaded pictures about our LONDON City Trip 2016 !

Posted 2/8/2017

- For all pictures go to: LONDON City Trip 2016 | Christmas trip at 'Extraordinary destinations to travel to' and scroll all the way down! I have uploaded 151 Images !

- And also checkout 'LONDON Cars ! during our City Trip 2016 | Christmas trip' at 'Extraordinary destinations to travel to' and scroll all the way down!

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New travel pictures and a very special update !

Posted 1/15/2017

- I have uploaded the pictures which I made last summer (2016) at Italy! When we visited Como, Garda and Venice. Check: 'Extraordinary destinations to travel to' And scroll all the way down.

- And also, I made a special page for our wedding! which will be this summer ! go to: 'Our Wedding'

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Lunchroom 'Chalet' 

The Hague 

Porsche Boxster, 2004. 2.7L 6 cil.

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Cornelis de Jonker, 1785  "The kitchen of the old womenhouse"

Books: 1000chairs | 40 architects under 40 | Tadao Ando | Log3 | Bart van Wijk | 

Trading CFD's with Plus500

Hotel Vaeshartelt


Watch: IWC Schaffhausen

Museum 'Huis van Gijn', Dordrecht

Rich.Design STEALTH Chair

Helicopter chart to ask my girl to marry me

My personal Rich'ys.Lifestyle.Blog !



Watch Daniel Wellington. Bag Piquadro. Glove Dents. Style pic.


Cruise with Costa cruises

 Mauritius, Seychelles,   Madagaskar, Reúnion

Music Luciano Pavarotti, song: Caruso

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Piano of Yamaha

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