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Enjoying life, Inspire the world !


|  ** est. march 2016 **  |  New content coming on regular base  |  

Welcome to the official website of Rich.Exclusive. Here you will find inspiration for an exclusive lifestyle!

On the top, you will find the main-menu's where you can browse through the different categories.


I want to provide you a look into the world of luxury; Exclusive places to be | Chic hotels to overnight | Fancy fashion to wear | Fabulous cars to drive | Luxury jewelry to wear | Extraordinary destinations to travel to | Inspiring ways to earn your money | Monumental Architecture to inspire | Classy music to caress your ears | Beautiful Art to add color to your life | Great Literature to grow ideas | Moving video's to enhance your day | Enjoyments of life | All to inspire !





New Online Store

Posted 10/23/2016

- I have completely updated and re-designed the 'Online Store'. At this moment available; 'Rich.Exclusive.Cars' | 'Rich.Exclusive.Watches' | 'Rich.Exclusive.Design'

- NEW! ... 'Rich.Exclusive.Design' at the 'Online Store'. Here I presented my private furniture collection, consisting the 'Suspendue Coffee Table' | 'Suspendue Dining Table' | 'Rich STEALTH Chair


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Barbas & Zacári Watches

Posted 10/11/2016

Your time is valuable !

I Lóve the stunning Barbas and zacari timepieces! They're an Aus based company that gives back to the community by donating $5 from every sale to Cancer Research! 
Get 15% off today and free shipping with the code "RICH.EXCLUSIVE.D" at www.barbasandzacari.com  !!

Go to the Online Store to check the watches out, at Rich.Exclusive.Watches

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Important news !

Posted 10/8/2016

- HURRAY !! Time to celebrate my first milestones.  > 1000 followers <  since launch of Rich.Exclusive.Architecture and        Rich.Exclusive.Destinations on 8-aug-2016 !! 

- Now you can find Rich.Exclusive also on Tumblr  ... (also updated this in cat. Social Media)

- Created an whole new format for my 'Rich'ys.Lifestyle.Blogs' > categorized it in Lifestyle | Architecture | Destinations | Cars | Personal blogs

Dear followers,

I am quit busy lately with my new Instagram pages. 
After I noticed that it would be better to split all my interests in categories, I created 3 extra pages; Architecture, Destinations and Cars.
Now I am busy with filling these Instagram pages with content. From now on you'll find on Lifestyle only lifestyle related posts, like fashion (cloths, watches, shoes) wine, hotspots, food etc and the Architecture spots and Travel tips and Car spots you'll find on the other 3 pages.
You'll find all 4 pages here; 





So, the website is running slightly behind, I'm sorry for that !! .... but you can follow me on one of the Social Media :-). Or my Blogs !!



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Lunchroom 'Chalet' 

The Hague 

Porsche Boxster, 2004. 2.7L 6 cil.

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Cornelis de Jonker, 1785  "The kitchen of the old womenhouse"

Books: 1000chairs | 40 architects under 40 | Tadao Ando | Log3 | Bart van Wijk | 

Trading CFD's with Plus500

Hotel Vaeshartelt


Watch: IWC Schaffhausen

Museum 'Huis van Gijn', Dordrecht

Rich.Design STEALTH Chair

Helicopter chart to ask my girl to marry me

My personal Rich'ys.Lifestyle.Blog !



Watch Daniel Wellington. Bag Piquadro. Glove Dents. Style pic.


Cruise with Costa cruises

 Mauritius, Seychelles,   Madagaskar, Reúnion

Music Luciano Pavarotti, song: Caruso

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Piano of Yamaha

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